Special recording projects

The following special recording projects and surveys are powered by the Record Pool. All records entered through these projects goes into the main record database and in addition they also collect special infomation for their surveys!

Scottish grass snakes


This project is run by Chris Cathrine, Director of Caledonian Conservation Ltd who is currently researching the Grass snake in Scotland. Until 2010, it was generally believed that wild grass snakes (Natrix natrix) do not occur in Scotland. However, three confirmed records were made in Dumfries & Galloway between 2009 and 2010, and there are other unconfirmed but possible records from elsewhere in Scotland. Research has since shown that grass snakes are present in Scotland, but we do not know if they are recent arrivals or their current range.

This project comprises of a Record Pool Survey form, a project information page and additional questions about habitat. The project helps us learn the distribution of Scotland's largest terrestrial reptile. All records submitted to the project also go into the main Record Pool database.

Caring for God's Acre


Caring for God's Acre's vision is for Churchyards and Burial sites within the British Isles to be valued now and for the future. They value churchyards and burial grounds for their importance to people and our history and wildlife. Their mission is to champion the conservation of churchyards and burial sites across the British Isles. Caring for God's Acre have chosen the slow worm and grass snake as two of their flagship species.

A custom Record Pool form has been provided, styled to match their website and collect records at burial sites for these two species. Records collected are used by Caring for God's Acre and also go into the main Record Pool database.

LARA (Lancashire Amphibian & Reptile Atlas Project)


LARA's objective is to produce the first amphibian and reptile atlas for the vice counties of South and West Lancashire, an area now covered by Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside. The Record Pool has provided a custom recording form which is used on the LARA project website. Records entered also go into the main Record Pool databse.

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